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Do you have a story to tell? 

We did, and the hardest part of it is coming up with the RPG mechanics in a new, innovative and robust system. So we've done that for you, we've done the hard work so you can focus on your story telling!

SpiralsRPG is a lightweight classless, skills based RPG system that can be used for free in your roleplaying games. You can be a world builder, a story teller or a one shot GM, all you need to do is to take the framework provided here and tell your tale. 

SpiralsRPG is built on a dice pool system, perfect for us "Dice Goblins", and uses an entirely new mechanic in RPG games. Turn order is built on a "Beat" system, allowing for a new and exciting way to resolve initiative. 

There's a suggested donation of £1, but please download for free, you can always come back if you find real value in SpiralsRPG.  We only ask that you credit SpiralsRPG and Red Oaks Creative in your creations, we've even included the attribution wording for you to copy and paste. 

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